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Sleep Apnea dentistry, also referred to as oral appliance therapy, is a service that we offer to our patients that really separates us from other dental practices in the Houston, TX area. Many of our patients arrive at our office with broken/cracked teeth, worn teeth, and acid erosion. Most notably, many of our patients claim that either they snore or their spouse snores. This is a common symptom that can often be related to a sleep related breathing disorder.

Sleep related breathing disorders can range from very slight to extremely severe. In fact, this kind of disease can be a life threatening issue if the problem goes unaddressed. Unfortunately, Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) has impacted many of the friends that we get to treat. The most common story that we hear are spouses that are prevented from sleeping in the same bed together due to the excessive snoring of the other partner.

That is why we have decided to invest time and resources into learning more about this life threatening disease and how we can partner with you to combat the difficulties that OSA can present.

How Does Sleep Apnea Dentistry


Obstructive Sleep Apnea occurs due to a blockage of the airway. Commonly, this is due to a wide, broad neck, large tongue or a combination of other factors. In the past, the only effective option to correct this disease was a CPAP machine. While CPAP’s are great and very effective, most patients hate them and end up not even using them. That is where sleep dentistry can help.

With sleep dentistry, we can predictably and effectively open the airway with an oral appliance that you sleep in. With our cutting edge technology, we can actually see the beneficial effect of your oral appliance before we even make it for you. The best thing about the oral appliance is that patients are much more compliant with this device when compared to a CPAP so its usefulness increases tremendously. It is easy to clean, easy to travel with, and is a proven way to help manage OSA.

Thankfully, this treatment modality is often either fully or partially covered by your medical insurance, not your dental insurance. Often, we find that your medical insurance will help cover more of the cost of the oral appliance than dental insurance would. 

What Is The


Initial Consultation

The first visit will consist of initial paperwork to give us more background on how you sleep. We will spend time talking about some of the frustrations that you may experience with your sleep related breathing disorder and how we might be able to help. At this visit we will send you home with a sleep monitor that consists of a watch, a finger sleeve, and a small heart monitor. It is a very small and comfortable accessory that you will wear to bed to help us attain accurate information about how you sleep.

Sleep Analysis

Your second visit will consist of reviewing the results of your sleep study and how it is impacting your sleep. At this visit we will discuss the different options that we can provide to help you manage the symptoms of your sleep disorder along with establishing a formal diagnosis for your sleep related breathing disorder.

Appliance Scan

At your third visit we will take a more in-depth look at your airway utilizing our cutting edge technology. With this technology, we can see the effects that the oral appliance will benefit you and how that will improve your breathing while you sleep. Once we find the perfect position for you that is both comfortable and effective, we take a scan with our intraoral scanner that helps us make and fabricate a custom oral appliance just for you.

Appliance Delivery

Your final visit will be the delivery of your oral appliance and the fine tuning of the oral appliance at delivery. At this visit, we will review everything that you will want to know on how to clean and care for your appliance along with ensuring that it is both functional and comfortable for you.

Home Sleep Apnea Monitor


If you are at home with your home sleep study and have forgotten how to use it, or if you just want to make sure that you have set it up correctly please review this brief video.

Sleep Better,

Feel Better

Sleep apnea can rob you of your rest and health, but Hamblin Family Dentistry is here to help. Our sleep apnea dentistry solutions are designed to provide you with a peaceful night’s sleep while improving your overall health. Let us tailor a treatment plan that allows you to breathe easier and sleep better. Call today to get started!

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