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Fillings are one of the most common treatment modalities that we provide at Hamblin Family Dentistry.

A filling is usually necessary when there is a cavity on one or more surfaces of a tooth or if there is a small area of tooth that is missing. The process of restoring your tooth back to a healthy status is really quite simple.

We start by selectively contouring the tooth to remove the decay that has infected the tooth. Once all of the decay has been removed, we replace the area that was contoured with a hard, tooth colored material. To ensure that your teeth are able to function in perfect harmony, we will then polish the tooth colored material into the proper anatomical shape until your bite feels just as it did when you walked through our doors.

Fillings are best suited for small areas of decay. If the cavity becomes so big that it takes up a significant portion of the tooth, you may be better suited to treat the tooth with a porcelain material instead of the tooth colored filling material.



A root canal is needed when there has been terminal damage to the tooth’s nerve. This can occur for many reasons but most commonly it is due to severe decay or a fracture to a tooth. Typically, there is deep, throbbing, and aching pain associated with this dental disease however it is not uncommon to experience little to no pain at all. In fact, many patients say that the pain they were experiencing was so severe that it would either prevent them from falling asleep or wake them from sleep. If you are experiencing symptoms in the Houston, TX area that align with this description then you may need a root canal.

The root canal process can be very confusing and has been tainted by horror stories over the years. However, this treatment modality is in fact very predictable and is typically nothing like the stories you’ve heard. Root canals can be best explained by comparing your tooth to a pen. When the procedure is completed, it is as if we took the ink out of the pen. The pen is still there, it just had the ink inside of it removed. Likewise, when a root canal procedure is completed, the tooth and root remain, however the inside of the tooth (where the nerve once resided) is filled with a biocompatible material.

Since the nerve and blood supply of the tooth has been removed, this causes the tooth to become very weak and brittle. That is why it is very common, except in some circumstances, for us to suggest placing a crown on the tooth to prevent the tooth from breaking in the future.

Crowns &


Crowns are a staple of what we do here at Hamblin Family Dentistry. There are many reasons that a tooth might need a crown in order to be restored back to perfect harmony. The most common reasons that crowns are recommended are for teeth that are broken, fractured, severely decayed, or have had a root canal. Crowns act to a tooth like a cast does to a broken arm. The cast exists to hold the arm in place to prevent any further damage to the limb. The same is true of a crown. Crowns allow brittle and broken down teeth to be held together and protected by the forces that we place on our teeth daily.

Due to our state of the art technology, the crown experience at our office is unlike any other. We no longer use goopy impression materials (no more gagging). Instead we have replaced it with a digital scanner that can take your impression and have your permanent crown ready in less than an hour. Of course, we leave time for the dentist to selectively contour the tooth to allow space for the crown as well. Most importantly, all of our crowns are made without metal. This means that you won’t have to worry about getting that dark line down by the gums that were so common with crowns in the past.

All in all, you will be in and out of our office in 2 hours or less with your permanent crown cemented and ready for lunch or dinner!



Why are we so excited to offer Dentistry Powered by CEREC in our office? Because it makes custom crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers easier than ever for you. In just one visit using this advanced technology, we can prepare your tooth, then make the dental restoration right in our office in about one hour. No messy impressions, no temporary crowns, and no long wait for your permanent restoration.

With this complete, in-office system, we can create long-lasting ceramic crowns and more—in a single visit, in about one hour. By utilizing this innovative technology, it means that we can give you a healthier smile in less time and an even better fitting restoration than in the past.

How We Create Same Day Crowns

  1. We capture an image of your tooth with a digital scanner.
  2. A 3D model of your teeth and the new restoration is created on the computer.
  3. The restoration is then fabricated from a ceramic block on our milling machine, right in our office.
  4. We place the custom-fit restoration a short time later, during the same visit.

Why It Is

Better For You

Eliminates The Unpleasant Impression Process

The digital scanner captures a full-mouth image in seconds—no biting down on impression material for several minutes, no gagging, and no mess.

No Follow-Up Appointment Necessary

We create and place your permanent dental restoration in one visit, letting you get on with life—eliminating the need for an uncomfortable, inconvenient temporary crown.

A Long-Term Solution

Proven in dental practices millions of times over to offer lasting results, it’s trusted technology developed by Dentsply Sirona, the world leader in dental solutions.

Looks & Acts Like A Real Tooth

Unlike many conventional crowns that use a metal base (which limits translucency) and can have a dark edge, a CEREC crown looks and feels like your natural tooth. And it most closely matches the hardness of a real tooth, helping prevent wear and tear.

Preserves More Of Your Natural Tooth

Only decayed or damaged tooth surfaces are removed, preserving as much of the healthy tooth as possible.


Extractions are reserved as a last option at Hamblin Family Dentistry. We consider every possible treatment option to try and save your natural tooth. However, sometimes we are left with no other option but to proceed with an extraction of the injured tooth. The most common reasons that we typically need to perform an extraction is due to a broken/fractured tooth or a cavity that is beyond repair.

Luckily, the dentists here at Hamblin Family Dentistry are highly trained in this area of dentistry. In fact, Dr. Hamblin has won many awards for his surgical skill and clinical knowledge. Rest assured that you are in great hands at our office.

We know that tooth extractions can cause dental anxiety and elevated stress. That is why we have gone the extra mile to ensure that we can put your fears at ease. If your mind has gotten the best of you, we can utilize conscious sedation as a tool to allow you to safely undergo the procedure without remembering a thing that happened. It may comfort you further knowing that most of our patients report little to no pain when we call to check on them the following day.

Typically, the extraction site begins to heal within a week and will completely return to normal in about 2 months. See this article for more information about post-operative care.


At Hamblin Family Dentistry, we create beautiful, lifelike dentures and partials that not even the most critical eye could spot. Through our years of perfecting this craft, we have come up with a sophisticated formula that ensures that your denture will look as beautiful as possible. We use the best materials, techniques, and labs to ensure that your smile is perfect when you leave our office.

Most people think dentures and partials are only used to replace multiple missing teeth. While this is true, it is also useful to note that they help in replacing bone and gum tissue that has been lost over the years. When done correctly, a properly curated denture can make it look and feel like you had a full cosmetic facelift. Obviously, this restoration and rejuvenation to your smile will increase not only your confidence, but also your oral function.

Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures are a great option for many of our patients, however they do not come without their own challenges. Traditional dentures are held in only by passive retention by the bone and the gum tissue. To maximize the retention of your denture, impressions of your gums will be taken and dentures fabricated to those impressions. Typically, patients with these types of dentures rely on pastes and adhesives to aid in the retention of these prostheses.

This is especially true when it comes to lower dentures. Since many patients have lost a significant amount of bone on their lower arch, fabricating a well fitting denture becomes incredibly difficult. This means that you can expect your upper denture to fit much better than your lower denture.

Over Dentures

An over denture is just a fancy word for a denture that is supported by implants. Whereas traditional dentures are held in only by passive retention, over dentures are aided by implants in the retentive process as the denture “clicks” or “snaps” into small attachments that are connected to the implant.

This is a very simple process and improves the overall fit and retention of the denture, especially a lower denture. Usually, only two implants are needed to properly secure a lower denture. At Hamblin Family Dentistry, we believe that virtually every lower denture should be an over denture. Otherwise, your lower denture will not fit well, will flop around, and will create a speech difficulty.

Revitalize Your


Your journey to a restored smile begins at Hamblin Family Dentistry. Our restorative dentistry services, from fillings to crowns, are designed to bring back your smile’s natural function and aesthetics. Rely on our skilled team to renew your dental health and confidence with precision and compassion. Call today!

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