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Dental implants are one of the single most fascinating dental advancements in the past few decades and have become the gold standard for tooth replacement. Dental implants can replace a single missing tooth without having to use adjacent teeth for support (i.e. bridges) or can be used to support a denture prosthesis. Nonetheless, if you have never had a dental implant, the process can be confusing if left to try to understand it on your own.

At Hamblin Family Dentistry, we take the time to explain the entire process with you and answer any questions you may have, but let’s start with the basics. A dental implant is a root replacement option that allows the new tooth to function normally and be cleaned just like every other tooth. Implants are biocompatible and have a proven history of success. Most importantly, most of our patients say that having an implant placed in our Houston, TX office is a comfortable experience. 

The dental implant process that we use at Hamblin Family Dentistry is the most up to date, state-of-the-art technique of planning and placing implants. Of course, first, we must remove the tooth in question and fill the extraction site with a biocompatible bone graft. To allow complete integration of the graft, we allow for 3-4 months of healing to ensure the implant site is ready to receive an implant.

A 3D x-ray and digital scan are then used to fabricate a custom guide for the dental implant placement procedure. We then place the dental implant using this guide to minimize the risk of mistakes and ensure that your implant is placed in a perfect position. Once the implant is placed, we must give the body another 3-4 months to allow the bone time to “osseointegrate” to the implant. Once this time has passed we can then place a crown on the implant and the process has been completed. 

Why Are Implants The

Best Option?

No Damage To Neighboring Teeth

In the past, the only options to replace a missing tooth was a bridge or a removable appliance. Most patients wanted a fixed appliance that couldn’t come in and out. To allow space for a bridge, the two teeth neighboring the space would need to be ground down even if they were in pristine condition. This is a very aggressive method in replacing teeth as it damages two teeth that were otherwise healthy for the benefit of just one tooth. Also, because bridges fuse the teeth together, it makes it difficult/impossible to properly clean the teeth and can become a problem in the future.


The most common way that implants are used are for single tooth replacements. However, they can be used to replace multiple teeth or even support a denture prosthesis. Implants are extremely beneficial to the patient in dentures or in need of dentures. Research shows that conventional dentures (without implants) reduce the previous chewing ability of a patient to 25%. However, when even just two implants are used as an adjunct to support the denture, chewing ability increases up to 60% of previous chewing ability. Of course, as you add implants, the chewing ability can increase back to 100% function.

Looks & Functions Like A Natural Tooth

There is no other tooth replacement option that supersedes the esthetics and function of a dental implant. Period.

Prevents Bone Atrophy

Bone likes to be stimulated. If it is not, it will begin to shrink and deteriorate. Implants allow the bone to receive the stimulus necessary to preserve the bone that would otherwise deteriorate if a partial or bridge was done.

Easy To Manage Complications

Because the implant is a root replacement and not a tooth replacement, we can switch the crown out on the implant should there be a complication with the crown.

Reclaim Your Best


Hamblin Family Dentistry specializes in transforming lives with dental implants. Our expertise in implantology provides a foundation for solutions that look, feel, and function like natural teeth. Embrace the freedom to smile, eat, and speak with confidence again by choosing us for your dental implant needs. Call today to schedule your consultation!

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