What Causes Gum Disease?

Almost 80% of the population in America suffers from some form of gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. The disease process and severity varies from patient to patient based on a host of factors including diet, genetics, and many other factors.

Gum disease starts out being limited to an infection of only the gums, but as it progresses, your body produces a reflex mechanism that causes the underlying bone to retreat from the infection, leading to bone loss (also called periodontitis). If the disease reaches this severity, there is reason to believe that you may be subject to a systemic concern, not just an oral concern.

Unfortunately, gum disease is not just a problem that affects the gums and surrounding bone. That same bacteria that is causing the active gum infection is able to enter other areas of your body and create similar or even more serious problems. That’s why it is so important to see us regularly for your exams and cleanings.

How Unhealthy Gums Affects

Your Body

At Hamblin Family Dentistry, we stay up to date on the latest scientific research available in our field. Studies show that you are at a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, preterm labor, and other serious systemic diseases if you have unhealthy gums.

Should you already be crippled by one or more of these systemic diseases, and you add gum infection to that, you put yourself at risk of developing some serious conditions that could potentially be very harmful to your well being. Having a clean and healthy mouth can not only help prevent future disease, but also help as you manage any current systemic disease you may be suffering from.

How To Tell If You Have

Unhealthy Gums

A very simple and straightforward way to see if you have unhealthy gums is to floss in between your teeth. If you have healthy gums, there should be no bleeding that occurs during your flossing or brushing regimen. If your gums bleed when you floss or brush then you have some form of active gum disease.

If you fit into this category, you are not alone. Gum disease is incredibly common. The important thing is that you identify that you have an active disease and that you want to do something about it – that you want to rid your body of these harmful toxins.

If this is resonating with you, then we have treatment options for you. We will welcome you with open arms and not “shame you” for your disease. Instead, we will come alongside you and partner with you to restore your mouth and gums back to health.

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